Wingscapes AutoFeeder
Wingscapes AutoFeeder Programmable Bird Feeder

Wingscapes AutoFeeder

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Programmable Bird Feeder


Works Automatically


Feed Birds When You Want


Holds 1 Gallon of Seed


Easy to Use. Saves Seed
Automatic Programmable Bird Feeding System!
Large 1 Gallon Seed Capacity. Fill it Less... See More Birds!
Constantly having to fill your feeder is probably not your favorite part about feeding the birds in your backyard. Our latest innovation, the AutoFeeder Programmable Bird Feeder, now makes bird feeding even more enjoyable. This unique, programmable bird feeder automatically dispenses seed at select times you set. So, you get to spend more time watching birds at your bird feeder and less time filling your feeder.

The AutoFeeder from Wingscapes lets you decide how much seed to offer and when to dispense it. The programmable feeder stays filled longer, using a timer to dispense the seed. The feeder can even be programmed to dispense seed up to four times each day. The large-capacity bin can hold one gallon of seed and the squirrel-resistant baffle protects the seed.

Unlike most bird feeders, the AutoFeeder is not gravity fed. Instead, it is a programmable feeder that automatically dispenses seed. You program the amount of seed you want to dispense, based on how long the feeder dispenses seed, ranging from 1 to 20 seconds. And, you set the times of day you want the feeder to dispense seed, up to six times per day. Which means your wild birds may soon be “trained” to visit your feeder when you want them to visit. Bird Feeding has never been easier with the AutoFeeder Programmable Bird Feeder!


* Extends intervals bewteen filling your feeder
* Feed your birds when you want to see them visiting
* Ideal for continuing to feed birds while you are away
* Large capacity, holds 1 gallon of seed
* Uses 4 AA Batteries (not included)
* 1 year battery life
* Easy to use. Saves Seed
* Squirrel resistant
* Heavy duty construction

Dimensions: 12.25" x 12" x 16.25" (approx.)

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